Battlefield 4

Here are some of the things I worked on for Battlefield 4.

Siege of shanghai backdrop

I did alot of work on the backdrop for the "Siege of shanghai" map. Its a 360 view backdrop and you can fly over it.
Modeled and textured it, did the composition and placing of houses. Did alot of houses for different ranges and planes with normalmaps for the ones really far away.
Also did a groundplane to match the houses with roads and streets matching.
Close houses have a smart setup where I can use the houses in a modular way and use the texture to tile depending on size of the house to get more variation.
After I left Dice alot of smoke was added so alot the work can be hard to se. A emissive map was also added and some signs.

Misc stuff

Did destruction for this monument, also did some shader and texture tweak, but mainly the destruction, collision. 64 pieces manually cut with each having separate collision + making it playable to jump through holes. Also did a cheaper gen3/ps3/xbox version with fewer destruction pieces.

Destruction in action.

Texture, shader and some remodeling. Textured with 2 textures and a mask blending betwhee.

Garage divider, modeled textured, destruction.

Sign and metal wall.

Did a modular wood wall system, a high height and a low height version, with destruction.

Destruction in action.

Texture, shader and some remodeling.

Awesome chicken signs! Think the text says "happy fried chicken" or something like that.

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