Current wip project

Been spending alot of time on learning portraits really good, also took a course by Scott Eaton on facial anatomy. Currently putting all the learnings into practical use.

Here´s some personal stuff Ive done over the years, some older, some newer, some better, some worse :)

Zero-gravity corridor
Own design, shown in Unreal 4

Prison scene, done in 2-3 days from scratch. Shown in Unreal 4.
Shown in Unreal 4

Stone tunnel, shown in Unreal 4

2014 summer, PPsh 41.
Loved the barrel on this gun so I had to make one :) Textured with ndo2/ddo2 in pbr.

Alternate texture version

Snowy mountains, made in World machine

Smlek3 weapon, just a ao bake

Snowy mountains, made in World machine, shown in Unreal 4

Concrete basement, trying to replicate an lighting environment I know. Textures needs love, I was mainly interested in the lighting scenario.

Beach enironment, shown in Ue4

Dust mech
Textured in Quixel suite. Model from Dust tactics.

2014 summer, Scifi deathmatch vehicle
My own design / concept for a deathmatch fighter vehicle. Textured with ndo2/ddo2 in pbr. Made in about less of a workweek from concept to final.

2013 - Pistol, "Type 54" Highpoly model baked down to lowpoly, textured only with ndo & ddo. Need some manual work aswell, especially on the mag.

Hand held device

2012 -> Sparetime passion, handpainted stuff, especially shields, some wips, all flat lighting.

2012 - Handpainted stuff

2012 - Serbu supershorty
2731 verts, made to match Battlefield 3 weapons. Screens from Frostbite engine. Metal surface is matte painted.

2012 - Field generator, arttest. Using one single 1024 map as dif, spec,gloss,bump. No alpha. Left 512 of map is diff, right 512 is spec, gloss and bump using all three channels as separate map.

2012 - Hard surface model of a screwdriver.
Modeled from image, started from baseform and then breaking into separated pieces and at the end deform the slanting form.

Photoscanned objects, done in Agisoft photoscan. Showed in Maya viewport.

2013 - 2-3hours zbrush gnome ;)

2012 - Porsche.

2012 - Modeled in Maya, composited in Nuke, textured and finished of in Photoshop. Concept by Christoffer Loveus

2013 - Stylized Roman character, just for fun, armor and clot still wip

2013 - Sculpt of Selmy Barristan from Game of thrones

2013 - Qin warrior, arttest for Paradox

2011 - Detective revolver

2011 - Arenanet arttest, 1x024

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